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1.  Let me first start with the fact that I am NOT a mechanic.  I have been working on motorcycles and scooters for a long time and know a little about what I am doing.  I simply take pictures for other people to use as a guideline to help them modify their own motors.  Any modifications you perform are done completely at your own risk and liability.

2.  Tampering with your motor in any way may void your warranty.  Make sure this is a sacrifice you are willing to make before you begin working on your own vehicle.

3.  Before you begin, read this ENTIRE article from start to finish so you know exactly what is involved and what steps are required to properly complete the procedure.  Also make sure you have a nice clean area to work in.

4.  This example was performed on a 2006 Sachs MadAss 50cc automatic.

5.  ALL bolts and socket head cap screws are in metric! Don't try to work on your vehicle if you don't have metric tools, you will just wind up messing up the heads.

The rev limiter is very easy to remove from your OEM 50cc MadAss Motor.  It is a simple un-plug and plug in procedure.  Once you are done, you can expect to get quite a boost in your top end on the factory 50cc motor.
First start by removing the battery cover (1).  It is held on with 4 Phillips head screws, 2 on each side.  Remove the cover by pulling it down after the screws are removed.
Next remove the electrical cover (2), there are 3 bolts holding this cover on.  Remove it by sliding the cover out in a rotating fashion toward the chain side of the bike after the bolts have been removed.
Once the covers have been removed, pull the black boxes and electrical wiring out from the bike.
The CDI is the larger black box with a green connector on it.  The rev limiter has 2 pig tail connectors coming out of it.  Disconnect the rev limiter from the CDI and connector "A".  Once the rev limiter is removed, plug connector "A" into the CDI.
That is it. Simply push electrical wiring and CDI box back into the frame and re-attach the electrical cover and the battery cover.  Now you can run free of any rev limiting restriction!

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