What is Scooter Cross?
Well... scooter cross is an event the was started about 15 years ago by some friends of mine.  In a nutshell, it basically involves old beat up scooters, a lot of beer, and a race track...
We start by getting old junked out scooters as cheap as we can find them.  We work on them all year round trying to get them running as good as we can while spending as little money on them as possible.  Then we make them look as stupid as our imaginations can dream up.
Once the scooters are running decent and looking really stupid, it is time to race.  A course is usually laid out on a big open field.  The race is run at midnight in the dark on wet dewy grass.  A nice effect when most of the scooters don't have any headlights or tail lights.  Many of us tape flashlights to the handle bars to help see the course.
Obviously scooter cross has evolved over the years.  It was started by my friends at a young age when they had mopeds and scooters as a means of transportation because they weren't old enough to drive.  Over the years it became more of a tradition and a fun thing to do with a bunch of friends.  Now we are all a bunch of 30 something's still racing scooters once a year just to have a good time and a good excuse for a party.
Modern Scooter Cross
Now scooter cross has grown with many of our friends.  Friends of friends want to race also.  What started with a few people and scooters has grown to several with new vehicles added every year.  Team shirts are made with team names and a scooter cross logo on the front.  Trophy's have been made for the winner to take home.  The winner only gets to keep the trophy for a year.  Then the trophy is returned the following year for the next winner of that race to take home.

Me and my scooter "Elsie"
The General Lee golf cart!

Protective equipment...  Shoulder pads!

The camel scooter


Kermit Scooter

More boozin!

A few of the racers!

Me and my wife.


Too big a wheelie!

WTF?  Lets Race!


Casualty of racing and wrecking on your face!

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