Other Modifications: How to install L.E.D.'s

I am only putting this guide up because I have had a lot of people ask me how I put LED's on my scoot.  LED's are very easy to install and have a wide variety of applications.  One of the main reasons they are becoming so popular is because they use next to nothing in power, are very cheap, are very small and they are extremely bright.

I purchase my LED's from superbrightleds.  They have decent prices and a wide selection of colors and brightness's.  But if you like, you can search the web for a different site.  There are tons of sites out there that sell LED's.

You can use one of the best resistor calculators I have ever found HERE.  You can calculate with any source voltage, output voltage, output amperage, LED's in series, parallel, or single bulbs.

I used to have neon's under my scoot, but I have had 2 of them burn out on me. Being that neon's aren't cheap, and they aren't fun to change, I decided it would be better to go with LED's. I was going to get a few LED bars and attach them, but they didn't have the flexibility I wanted and they are very expensive.

So I decided LED's were a better way to go.  I bought yellow LED's in 3 different brightness's. I purchased 30 - 3500mcd, 30 - 5000mcd, and 30 - 10000mcd LED's.

Then I needed to get some resistors. I didn't want to have to put a resistor on each led, so I decided to wire my LED's in groups of 10 in parallel  Using the resistor calculator talked about above a 25 ohm - 22 watt resistor was called for.


I started by removing the bottom faring off my scoot. I laid out a pattern where I wanted to put my LED's. Then I drilled holes into the plastic using a drill bit that was slightly smaller than the diameter of the LED's.

This is what the faring looked like when I drilled all the holes.
Since I drilled a hole smaller than the LED's, the LED's actually press fit into each hole.  Then I epoxied all the LED's into the holes. I staggered the different intensity lights about the bottom. This way it will be bright, but also have a nice even coverage.

This is what it looked like after the LED's were pressed and glued into the holes
Next I soldered a positive and negative lead to all the LED's... I put a total of 30 LED's on the bottom. So I had to use 3 resistors to power them (3 power lines, each attached to a resistor leading to 10 LED's in parallel)

After the soldering was done, I used hot glue to cover all the connections to prevent corrosion and prevent grounding of the power leads.
OK! Now that I had everything wired, it was time to put power to the LED's!!! This is what it looked like lit up.
Here is another picture with it shining on the floor.  Believe me, it is VERY bright.  This photo doesn't do the LED's any justice on how bright they really are.
I also laid out a pattern for the faring located under the front just above the front tire.
This is what the front section looks like all lit up.
And here is a photo of what it looks like installed and lit up.

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