Technical Information:  DiTech Ins and Outs - Learn how a DiTech Works
Many people have asked me what exactly the difference is between a DiTech scooter and a carbureted scooter.  Well quite simply a DiTech is a fuel injected scooter and doesn't have a carburetor.  Most people know this, but don't understand what that involves on a 2-stroke motor.  So I am going to try and lay it out in laymen's terms in hopes that everyone will understand.
Carbureted Motor
Well lets first start with a carbureted scooter.  In the picture to the right you can see that air and fuel are mixed in the carb (red).  Then the mixture goes toward the reed valves and oil is added into the mix.  Now the mixture of air, gas and oil are dumped into the crank case through the reed valves (blue).  The spinning crank tosses and churns this mixture around.  This is not only your fuel, but it is also your engines lubrication.  Then the explosive mixture is drawn into the ports of the cylinder where it will be compressed and ignited (green). 
Direct Injected Motor
Now on a DiTech motor there is obviously no carburetor.  It has been replaced with what is called a throttle body.  All the throttle body does is regulate how much air goes into the motor (red).  In the photo to the left, you can see that NO gas is put into the crank like a carb scooter does.  Only air and a very small amount of oil is entering the crank through reed valves (blue).  This is why you CAN NOT use a premix oil in a DiTech.  Since there is no gas mixing with the oil, the oil remains much thicker and much less oil is needed for proper lubrication.  This is why a DiTech scooter uses much less 2-cycle oil.  Also since the oil is thicker much less oil is pulled into the cylinder.  This results in much cleaner burning than a typical 2-stroke motor.  In the top of the motor, there is a mini air compressor.  This compressor pressurizes air from the crank to approximately 85PSI and pumps it into the injection head (purple).  The fuel is also pressurized by a fuel pump and this pressurized gas goes to the fuel injector.   Then the compressed air is introduced to the gas by the air injector.  Then the pressurized mixture of air and gas is shot into the cylinder (orange) which atomizes the gas into a very light mist, which gives you faster burning, more horsepower, and less fuel consumption.
Now after understanding all of that, you should understand some of the pros and cons of each.  The main pro of a DiTech is that it is much more fuel efficient and much cleaner burning.  The main con of a DiTech is it is much harder to modify performance characteristics since it is all controlled by an ECU (small computer), and there is currently no way of making your injector larger to increase your fuel supply.

Fuel injected 2-stroke motors are relatively new technology.  But I personally feel that carbureted 2-strokes will fall by the wayside much like carbureted cars have disappeared off the market.  When this happens, and as technology improves, there will also be a much larger demand for performance parts like larger injectors..


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