Technical Information:  Learn How to Correct Turn Signal Problems
With aesthetic mods to scooters becoming more and more popular, many people are changing the way their turn signals look.  Many are buying after market lamps and installing them for a more tricked out look.  Then after they are all done, they find that they don't work any more.  If you are thinking about doing this, or you already have, then this is where you learn what you have to do.
First you have to understand how a turn signal flashes.  It is done with a capacitor relay.  The capacitor is charged by the battery.  Once the capacitor is fully charged it discharges its energy to the bulbs causing them to light up. Once it discharges, the capacitor needs time to recharge.  During this time, the bulb goes out.  Then once the capacitor is charged again, it discharges to the bulbs and makes them light up again.  This goes on and on, causing the lights to flash on and off.

Most flasher capacitor units are rated directly on the unit.  My capacitor has 10W X 2 written on it...  This means that the capacitor is rated to run 2 bulbs at 10 watts each, or 20 watts total for it to flash properly.  If you don't have enough wattage drain on the capacitor, the lights won't flash at all.  If you have too much wattage drain on the capacitor, the lights will flash very rapidly.

Many people who replace their turn signals with after market signals don't realize that they just changed their wattage.  Or they may add another lamp somewhere and then not understand why it doesn't work.  This is why.  If your lights don't flash or flash really slow, this mean you don't have enough draw on the capacitor to discharge the stored energy.  So a higher wattage bulb(s) is required.  If your turn signals flash really fast, then too much wattage is being drawn from the capacitor not giving it time to charge all the way.  You need to change to a smaller wattage bulb(s).

You can also change your turn signal relay (capacitor).  Most automotive stores carry several different rated relays.  Just know what the total wattage of your bulbs are, and purchase the appropriately rated relay.  There is only one relay on your scooter and it supplies power to both direction turn signals.  You only need the total wattage for one side though because only one side is flashing at a time.


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