DiTech - Direct injected scooters Learn what the difference between a DiTech and carbureted scooters are.  See how a DiTech works!
DiTech Choking Problems If you own a DiTech scooter and you have problems with your scooter intermittently choking for no reason, you will want to read this.
The 2-Stroke Motor Revealed This is a good read on how the entire 2 stroke motor works.  Shows and explains in great detail on how the entire intake, combustion and exhaust all work. I found this article on www.southerskies.com
The 2-Stroke Exhaust / Expansion Chamber Revealed and Explained This is a quick explanation on how the expansion chamber works and how slight design changes alter the performance characteristics of the pipe.  Also there is a diagram on pipe design is determined.
Spark plug reading - Running too lean or rich? See what your spark plug should look like and learn what you need to do if it is incorrect.  Learn what the difference is between running too lean or too rich.  This article is from Scootordie.com and was written by Eric Gore.
Turn signals - Indicators If you changed your turn signals, and you are having problems with them flashing correctly, read this to see how to correct the problem.
Gas Octane's - Which is the best for your scooter? Think running high octane gas is always better for your scooter?  Think again!  Take a gander at this article and get the low down on gas octane and what you really should be using.  This article was obtained from Scootordie.com, and was written by swami.

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